New Drivers Guide

NEW DRIVERS: How to Get (and Keep) Your 5 Star Rating

The 2022 DRIVR Report – A Must-Have Guide for any Rideshare Driver

You’ll learn the hacks and tips the best drivers use every day to keep their rating high, avoid fines and make their lives easier – and more profitable.

The 2022 DRIVR report includes important rideshare driver tips including:

    • 5 important items you should keep in your car at all times
    • How to keep your car clean the easy and fast way
    • The secret to getting more tips from riders
    • How to virtually guarantee 5 star ratings from riders
    • How to avoid police fines the polite way
    • When to chat to passengers and when to leave them alone
    • How to prepare before driving each shift
    • How to use your phone to communicate with passengers (and when not to)

Instantly download the guide today to get these and and many more tips.

This is the essential guide we wished we had when we started rideshare driving.