Frequently Asked Questions

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How does my subscription work?

At DRIVR we’re a subscription based service – primarily because we store your data securely off your phone for your later use. We don’t tie you in to long term contracts – just a simple monthly fee – $9.99 including GST – and you can cancel at any time if you no longer need to use our App.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

If you want to cancel for any reason we recommend you do a data download – that option is in the reports menu – so you have a complete copy of all your data. Regardless of that we continue to store your data for two years after you cancel – so if you change your mind and wish to re-subscribe it’s easy to get you going again!

How is my data securely stored?

We store your data in cloud storage – off your phone – so if you lose or damage your phone your data is safe. Simply log into your account from your new phone; your data will appear and you can get back to driving!

How do I contact you if I need help?

We’ve tried to make contacting us easy – you can use the contact us section of our website to make your enquiry; or you can call us on 0407 275 517.

I rideshare drive using more than one vehicle - Can I still use DRIVR?

Yes – in fact DRIVR allows you to enter up to 10 vehicles as part of your subscription.

What happens when I sell or dispose of my vehicle?

Firstly – go to the vehicle section of DRIVR and to the details of the car you are selling or disposing – and click on the “Vehicle Disposal” button at the bottom of the page. You then enter the disposal details for the car you are disposing as prompted. Next add the details of the new vehicle you intend driving.

Finally go to the Account section and set your new vehicle as your default vehicle and you’re good to go!

What is Depreciation?

Any vehicle you buy begins to lose value as soon as you start driving it – it’s no longer “new” and wear and tear means it’s value reduces over time. If you’re using your vehicle as an essential part of conducting your business then that loss of value is a genuine cost to your business. The Tax Office understands this “cost” and allows you to record this cost to your business as an expense called “depreciation”.

How does Depreciation work in DRIVR?

The Tax Office has a couple of different methods available for calculating depreciation. DRIVR uses the double diminishing value (DDV) method for calculating deprecation expense as this method generates the maximum allowable expense deduction in the early years of a vehicle’s life.

We think this method best matches the profile of our customers who are generally driving newer vehicles that typically lose value quite quickly in those early years.

Best of all using this method – and maximizing the expense deduction – means less tax payable on your income earned!!

When you enter the date of purchase and purchase value of your vehicle, DRIVR automatically applies the DDV method and creates appropriate depreciation expense records for you – for every reporting period until you dispose of that vehicle.