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How to Boost Your Earnings and Rideshare in Style with an Electric Vehicle

The 2023 Rideshare Guide EV Edition – A Must-Have Guide for any Rideshare Driver

Did you know you can save time, reduce your on-road costs and make more money driving an electric vehicle?

Luke has been a rideshare driver for over 6 years – completing more than 18,000 trips and covering 300,000km.

He has just completed a 10,000km trial comparing a petrol run KIA Cerato S with an electric Tesla, Model Y.

And the results are in…

After logging all costs, including the cost of the car, and all income made, you can work less hours and make more money driving an EV.

Download the DRIVR Rideshare Guide EV Edition TODAY to find out exactly how much more profitable it can be driving a Tesla and how you can do the same.

If you’re interested to know more about the EV vs petrol comparison, there are some great videos on our YouTube channel. Check them out and let us know what you think.