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Take the Pain out of BAS.

DRIVR Makes BAS Tax Compliance Easy for Rideshare Drivers

DRIVR is the only app made for drivers, by drivers.

The simple-to-use app makes it easy and stress-free to keep your logbook, track expenses and income; and lodge your BAS on time, every time. 

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Suitable for rideshare drivers of:

Uber, Didi, Ola

Introducing the DRIVR

Easy BAS Money Back Guarantee

Watch this video to learn how DRIVR makes BAS time easy for rideshare drivers like you:

DRIVR App Features


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Income and expenses tracking
  • Secure cloud data storage
  • Automatic BAS statements
  • Depreciation and asset write-off
  • Lodgement reminders
  • Transferable between vehicles
  • Uses the latest ATO rules

How DRIVR Makes BAS and Tax Easy

 The Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires you to lodge a BAS every quarter.

DRIVR makes it easy for you to capture your income and expenses so there is no stress at BAS time.


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1. Manage Your Logbook

Start of Shift:

  • Enter your odometer reading in the start shift screen

End of Shift:

  • Enter your odometer reading at the end of your shift in the end shift screen


DRIVR automatically maintains your logbook for you.

DRIVR calculates your private and business use percentage.  

2. Input Your Expenses & Income


  • Enter the expense and GST amount into your Expenses screen
  • Photograph your receipt
  • No need to keep paper receipts
  • DRIVR calculates all the GST you can claim


  • Enter the income and GST amount into your Income screen (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Photograph your income summary
  • DRIVR calculates all the GST you need to pay


3. Generate BAS and Income Statements

At BAS time:

  • Simply generate your BAS directly from the DRIVR app Reports screen
  • Lodge your BAS online for FREE with the ATO
  • Or send the report to your accountant to lodge for you

DRIVR Easy BAS Guarantee:

 Use DRIVR to record income and expenses and download your next quarter BAS. 

After that, if you don’t feel DRIVR paid for itself in time saved, stress reduced and improved lodgement, we’ll give you your money back for the whole quarter.

(Your free trial month PLUS the 2 months you paid) 

That’s a store credit for $19.98 (Limited to one refund per customer)

    FREE 1-Month Trial



    • Instant download
    • FREE 1-month trial
    • Just $9.99 per month thereafter
    • Fully tax deductible!
    • Includes secure cloud storage of all data
    • For the price of two cups of coffee a month – and the time it takes you to drink those coffees – your driver admin is taken care of!!