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What Is DRIVR?

DRIVR is an app to make preparing and lodging BAS easy.

It saves time with clever features to keep track of expenses, income, and your logbook.

You get to spend more time earning, and by making sure you have the right deductions for depreciation or asset write-off, you get to maximise the profit from your work.

You can then easily lodge your BAS for FREE via the ATO portal or pass the file to your accountant to lodge for you.

You will have up to date receipts for expenses and you will sleep well at night knowing you are not risking a large fine from the ATO for late BAS lodgement.

Who Is DRIVR For?

DRIVR is for any rideshare driver who knows how hard it can be to keep track of the many expenses involved in running your business.

DRIVR is for you if you find accounting a pain and are looking for a way to make it much easier.

DRIVR is also for you if you have an accountant who often asks you for all your receipt details and logbooks.

Using DRIVR makes BAS easy

The founders of DRIVR are rideshare drivers like you.

That’s why the entire app has been built with you in mind.

You’ll find it very easy at every step, from starting your shift through to a one touch download of your BAS ready for you to lodge yourself or give to your accountant.

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About Us

The DRIVR mobile app has been developed for drivers, by drivers. With over 18,000 trips, endless receipts and hours of reporting we thought there must be an easier way to manage driver admin. And now there is!

We’ve spent more than 5 years developing DRIVR, so you can upload receipts, easily track income and expenses and update your car logbook on the go. 

At tax time – either the end of each quarter (or annually) for BAS or income statement at 30 June for your tax return – simply generate your BAS or income statement through DRIVR, ready to send to the ATO or your accountant.


Just what I needed to organise all my driving expenses in a simple and effective application.

Mark R Uber Driver

Drivr makes the difficult simple.  One app for one day,  all trips, all expenses and all the info for tax time.  If your not using it you’re at a stop light standing still.

Tremayne, SYDNEY

Such a great app!!

The Drivr App has made my life so much easier. Lodging my BAS no longer a headache.

Marcus G

Brilliant App!!

This is so good. Makes record keeping and ¼ BAS payments easy as.


Love this App!

Used the instant asset write-off feature with my current KIA – got a great tax deduction!!